Beginning in the Middle

The light has begun to fade.  I crouch on the bank of the creek that flows by our campsite, enjoying the unseasonably cool breeze and the deep green color of the moss adorning the river rocks. It’s cooler than it should be, definitely more so than in the city right now—and that makes me happy.  Supper is resting in my belly and I’m thinking about s’mores. I gather the makings of a fire and set it alight, watching the flames lick up the kindling. My wife moves about  inside the camper, assembling the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows (she knows me, and after 16 years together, that’s a plus).

The world smells of pine, burning wood, smoke, earth, and suddenly, dog breath. Yukon settles himself in my lap and two more little dogs gather at my feet, noses working on all the scents, breathing in a million more particles than I ever could—ancient smells in this state park that simply wait to be rediscovered.

Camping is our favorite recreational activity and one of the reasons is because time just stretches. It’s also a natural fit for our four dogs, who love being in the woods as much as we do. It’s also inexpensive, easy to do when you only have a few days off, and is quite relaxing.

Does the above sound lovely to you? If you enjoy camping with your dogs, then this site is for you. Join us as we chronicle our adventures, review products you might find useful, and pass on wisdom about enjoying the outdoors with the pooches and the people you adore. My wife is a darn good photographer, too, so she can share some great tips of getting excellent photos indoors or out.

We are Camp Chahooahooa, and this is Dogs Go Camping. Check out the About section to learn more about us and our current crop of dogs.

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